Child Fund International

Child Fund International is a child focused organization, whose mission is to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children improves their lives and have the opportunity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change to their communities ChildFund International  seeks a long term engagement with children and communities on one hand and sponsors and donors on the other, and emphasizes programs that results in healthy, educated and skilled children and youth, who are secure, confident and involved in their community. 

ChildFund International believes that community based organizations are the progressive force that when mobilized and collaborating with schools, training centers, health services, Government and other likeminded organizations, together with the support of sponsors and donors can achieve a community’s  vision for the wellbeing of children. ChildFund International enters into partnership with organizations that wish to be part of a network of organizations working locally, nationally and globally towards valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and rights of children. ChildFund in India is operational from Bangalore. Karnataka. 

AARAMBH ChildFund International collaborative relationship begins from October 31st, 2023, grounded in the principals of equity, transparency, accountability, mutual trust and respect to engage children, families and organizations to protect and promote the rights of children, youth, who experience deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability and who lack the essential opportunities necessary for the healthy development. The project is being implementing in Jhabua and Alirajpur District of Madhya Pradesh.